Holiday Decorating Tips: Inside the House

There are many ways to decorate inside the home to prepare for holiday entertaining, but it’s always more fun to add a little elbow grease and create some of your own pieces.

Homemade Appetizer Stands

Recently we had the opportunity to cater the Cocktail Party for the St. Joe’s Ball which had a “Wonderland” theme. Rather than purchasing different food or cake stands for the presentation, we created our own.

An elegant DIY display

Pictured with our Artichoke-Caper Barquettes

We simply took an Aryd Candle Holder and topped it with a Skurar Candle Dish (both from Ikea), held together with a hot glue gun. These candle holders come in different heights, creating a variety in the landscape of presentation. To add more color, we selected brightly-colored scrapbooking paper (available at Michael’s starting at $0.30 a sheet), and cut out large circles to fit in the candle dish as the backdrop for the food.

Another plate pictured from above, with Apricot Pistachio Tartlets

Another plate pictured from above, with Apricot Pistachio Tartlets

Once these stands are assembled, you will have them for future use for almost anything: presenting cupcakes, adding height to a centerpiece of flowers, placing halloween candy out on your front stoop, or even for keeping your keys!

Selecting Colors

While many people opt to decorate based on traditional holiday colors (red and green, white and blue, etc), it’s more fun to pick a theme and select decorations to embody this theme. In our office we’ve decided to decorate our entryway in a festive holiday manner with our corporate colors (green, purple, and gold).

Our Office Holiday Table

Our Office Holiday Table

Stuck on colors? You can never go wrong this time of year with green and gold!


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