Fun Gift Wrapping Ideas

You put thought and effort into your gift, why not extend that to your wrapping? You don’t need to spend a lot of money on bows and paper, just get ready to think outside the box. Our go to’s: plain paper and fun around-the-house-items.

Plain brown craft paper (available at most stores for around $5) makes a great rustic base, or plain wrapping paper in colors such as white, blue, or gold. Have flowers leftover from your holiday party last week? Dry them out and use them paired with a homemade bow made from old burlap. Another go to of ours (as found in outdoor decorating tips post) are spray painted foliage–leaves, twigs, branches, bark, etc. You can pair different colors together, use metallic shades, or opt for a sparkly option.

Don’t get hung up on colors either, it’s the holidays! Get creative and bring some fun colors into your gifts.


But we warned: once you show your talent for gift wrapping, get ready for the family and friend requests to start pouring in “would you mind wrapping my gifts as well, you’re just go good at it…there are only 10 of them!”

Happy Holidays from Katherine's!

Tree decoration and gift wrapping by Tracy from our Design Team

Happy Holidays from Katherine’s Catering!


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