The Perfect Cheese Board

Katherine's Catering

It’s always the hit at a party, and why not, cheese is delicious (unless you’re lactose-intolerate, of course). Here are a few steps to create your own perfect cheese board worthy of the best parties.

Don’t Go Overboard. While it’s easy to get carried away and start adding every cheese you think sounds good to your board, keep it simple. 3-5 cheeses is the prefect tasting amount.

Offer Variety. Be sure to choose styles with different flavors and textures (for example: pair a creamy havarti with a hard pecorino and a crumbly bleu). This variety of offerings allows your guests to compare and contrast the different styles.

Knowledge is Power. It’s always nice to have some background information on the cheeses you’re serving. Is this a sheep’s milk or a cow’s milk cheese? Is this cheese from a specific part of Italy which lends a nutty characteristic because of their grass?

The Cheese Does Not Stand Alone. Be sure to garnish your board with a variety of complimenting items. For a savory board: nuts, mustards, olives, pickles and fresh herbs (such as dill or rosemary). For a sweet board: fruits, berries (fresh or dried), chocolate, and fresh herbs (such as basil or mint)

Add Texture. While most of us can eat cheese by itself all day long, it’s always nice to add a variety of texture to the palate. Alongside your board offer crackers, sliced baguette, different types of bread, or biscuits to pair with the cheese for a night crunch.

Let the Flavors Blossom. Be sure to take your cheese out of the refrigerator 1-2 hours in advance to allow them to come as close to room temperature as possible, this way your guests can experience the full flavor of each cheese.


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