A2 Art & Brew

We had a wonderful time partnering with Wolverine Brewing and the Ann Arbor Art Center for the A2 Art & Brew Event this past Thursday! Thank you for a fun night, and congratulations to all those who participated.

For our contribution to the event, we made a Spicy BBQ Shrimp, served on a peach cornbread cake, garnished with a spicy pepper relish. The dish was paired with a truly innovative Gulo Gulo India Pale Lager from Wolverine Brewing Co. Utilizing their traditional lagering techniques, Wolverine Brewing was able to turn up the hop-dial and produce an inspired beer that both IPA and Lager fans will love.

The floral, hoppy notes of the I.P.L. matched up wonderfully with the hints of spice in the shrimp and relish. The bite was anchored by our savory peach corn cake, and washed down with a deliciously crisp but full flavored beer.



We are looking forward to next years event!

What could be more perfect than a night filled with delicious food, innovative beer, and beautiful art?

Not much in our book.


Emergency Plan B: Preparing for Rain at Your Outdoor Event

You know the saying “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”? Well we think rain on the day of your event is the perfect embodiment of that statement.


While planning your big company picnic grill-out or your dream wedding under flowering trees in a garden, it’s easy to forget that your entire day can be drastically transformed by a change in weather, especially in Michigan. We all joke about snow in June, but a part of you knows that there is still a small chance it could happen…

Don’t be left out in the rain. Here are a few tips from our years of experience on how to create a Plan B for Cloudy with a Chance of Percipitation. Best case scenario? You won’t need to use it, but now you’ll have the knowledge.


Tents – It is always good practice to have a tent at any outdoor event, even if you’re hoping to have an all-outdoor event. A tent keeps the food shielded from the wind and sun, it offers guests a place to sit in the shade, and it creates a warm and intimate conversing space.

  • Create 2 different floor plans for the tent: one for rain, one for clear skies. In case of rain it’ll be a snap to move tables and elements of your event under the tent without crowding the space. Was your wedding reception going to take place under a tree? The dance floor under your tent is a great place to exchange nuptials. Also scout out just-in-case spaces if you are utilizing an outdoor grill (garages are always a great alternative to the great outdoors).
  • Always order sides for your tent. This is a great way to block the wind in rain or shine, but it especially helps out with the rain. At an extra price of $200-$400, it’s not a huge expense to ensure your guests stay dry and non wind-whipped. If you’re 100% sure it won’t be raining, you are sometimes able to cancel your tent sides with a few days notice. Extra tip: opt for tent sides with windows, it will give the feel more more space, and you’ll still be able to enjoy your outdoor surroundings.
  • Enjoy your dry ground. Tents are normally set up at least a day in advance, so the ground won’t be soggy from the morning showers, and your guests will be able to enjoy your event with dry feet.


Umbrellas – As a rain shield or a sun accessory, umbrellas are always a thoughtful element to offer your guests to ensure they are comfortable in whatever type of weather you encounter during your event. It’s easy to find them of any size, price, and pattern nowadays.

  • Utilize your Ushers. If the rain is going strong at the beginning of your event, arm your ushers, servers, or good friends with a few umbrellas to meet your guests at their cars and walk them to a covered area. Trust us, your guests won’t forget this extra hospitality.


Bugs – If you have the fortune of seeing the sun come out and the rain recede on your event day, don’t forget that this is when mosquitos and other bugs like to come out. As we like to say “rain stops, mosquitos begin”

  • Fog the day before. There are many easy and inexpensive bug bombs you can utilize, and even if there’s no rain, it’s always good practice to try and rid your event area of as many bugs as possible.
  • Cut your grass before your tent goes in. A well manicured lawn will cut down the amount of bugs hiding in your grass, therefore limiting their access to the all-you-can-eat buffet that is your guests.
  • Offer spray. Before the event assemble a discreetly placed (and attractively put together) basket of multiple bottles of bug spray for your guests to use. We try not to use Citronella candles when possible because the smell can sometimes be overwhelming and negatively interact with the food served.

So fear not when you see that forecast of 80% chance of precipitation on your event day, you  know how to circumvent that obstacle. Now all you have to worry about is making sure the bathrooms are clearly marked…

¡Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

This Sunday is Cinco de Mayo, and there are SO many different ways to celebrate. We’ve put together 4 suites of recipes to help you create the perfect fiesta.

Introducing Katherine’s All-Inclusive Graduation Party Package


Let us do all the Work!

Graduation parties can be hard work, that’s why we’re offering One-Stop-Shopping this Graduation season with our All-Inclusive Graduation Party from Katherine’s! You choose the menu (see choices below), invite your guests (we can even help with the invitations), and we’ll do all the rest. For more information, click here

Alma Mater Menu:

  • Beef and Pepper Kabob with yogurt mint sauce
  • Vegetable-Tofu Kabob
  • Grilled Citrus Chicken with tomato
  • Fennel Encrusted Sweet Potato Wedges baked golden brown
  • Marinated Vegetable Salad in herb vinaigrette




Sunny Celebration Menu:

  • Cherry Pulled Pork with petite brioche
  • Grilled Turkey Feta Burgers cranberry yogurt sauce, pickled red onion, and assorted condiments
  • Mini Gourmet Veggie Sandwich Bites on Focaccia with goat cheese
  • Garlic and Herb Grilled Corn on the Cob with salted whipped butter
  • Citrus Couscous Salad with honey citrus dressing

That’s a Wrap Menu:

  • Buffalo Chicken Wraps in a white lawash
  • Steak Fajita Wraps in a tomato lawash
  • A2 Veggie Wraps with a hint of feta and mint and pesto drizzle
  • Crudite Platter assorted fresh vegetables with dill dip
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip with homemade tortilla chips and ciabatta squares

With special discounts in May and August, give us a call for more details (734) 930.4270





Think Outside the Shell: Easter Egg Coloring

Before you set up you normal Easter Egg dyeing kits, consider changing it up this year. Use naturals dyes, give a tie-dye effect, don’t even use dyes, don’t even use REAL eggs…there are so many fun choices out there for decorating. By the time your egg hunt comes around, everyone will be scrambling to find these beauties (click on each link for a full tutorial):

Do you have a fun alternative to traditional egg coloring? We’d love to hear about it!

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day Around The World

We all know that St. Patrick’s Day is March 17 each year, but what else do you know about the holiday?

St. Patrick is known for bringing Christianity to Ireland, and March 17 marks his death in the late 5th Century C.E. (it is rumored that he used the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the people of Ireland).  In the early 17th century St. Patrick’s Day was named an official Feast Holiday observed by numerous churches throughout Ireland. As the holiday occurred during the Christian season of Lent, the prohibitions of meat and alcohol consumption were waived during that day to allow for grand celebration (paving the way for the emphasis on drinking for our modern-day celebrations).

Here are a few different traditions observed by various countries around the world for St. Patrick’s Day

United States – While it is not recognized as a legal holiday, St. Patrick’s Day has been widely celebrated here in the United States since the late 18th century. The most common celebrations include displaying the color green prominently in decorations and clothing, the consumption of alcohol, and parades.

Canada – There are many different celebrations that occur throughout the different provinces of Canada. The Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team were called the Toronto St. Patrick’s from 1919-1927. Toronto is also host to a large annual parade that attracts over 100,000 spectators. St. Patrick’s Day is a public holiday in Newfoundland and Labrador, the easternmost province of Canada.

Argentina – Since the weather is warm in March, Argentina celebrates with all-night parties where only beer is consumed, and many people wear green. Argentina holds the 5th-largest Irish community outside of Ireland.

Montserrat – This tiny island in the Caribbean–founded by Irish refugees–is the only place in the world besides Ireland and Newfoundland and Labrador that honors St. Partick’s Day as a public holiday. The celebrating is combined  with a commemoration of a failed slave uprising in 1768 that also occurred on March 17.

Japan – While getting a recent start to the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day (the first parade was held in 1992), there are nine different locations in Japan that hold independent St. Patrick’s Day parades. The celebrations usually occur throughout the month of March.

Russia – The first St. Patrick’s day parade occurred in Russia in 1992 as well. The parade that occurs in Moscow is divided into two parts, an “official” parade which is a collaboration between the Moscow government and the Irish embassy, and a “non-official” parade which is carnival-esque with juggling, stilts, and Celtic music.